About Munken™ English

Who is the Munken™?
It's a harder question to answer than you might think. But it is I who am the Monk ™ and I'm Gustaf.
My nic translated into English means the monk. I got it from my friends on the computer club. After that I spent some time in a monastery.
Why Munken™?

1994, created the first user monk on the internet and it was mine! So I am monk. Today, it is the next not find my nick anywhere. My first email was munken@ctrl-c.liu.se, unfortunately I have not left it. but it is nostalgia .. :) My first website was know as "munkens plats på nätet" (monk's place on the net) and was hosted on www.ctrl-c.liu.se/~munken/ and then moved to www.klostret.rydnet.lysator.liu.se which was my own machine that stood on my desk in my dorm room.

Today I am find here in the following domains fatsug.se, stenstrom.co.uk and Churchnet.EU
fatsug.se is my private domain used for my own private projects. All the other used or to be used professionally.



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